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Friday, February 20, 2009

Module G3 Is Printing

This is StevenPetrick posting.

Module G3 is being printed and will start shipping to the distributors on Monday.

The expanded Module G2 does not have Annex #5, which has been kicked back to a future Module G3A (which itself will have added items, not just Annex #5), but it does have a Master Fighter Chart that includes a listing for every fighter and bomber with its allowed mega pack, so there is no question about what a given fighter gains from a mega pack.

It also has all of the Master Ship Chart data for ships and PFs added in products (including Captain's Log) since Module G2 was published.

There are no less than five (5) pages of Master Weapon Charts, one of which is mostly just the fighter and PF weapons tables (so you can clearly see what the weapon ranges are), another has the various things your Marines can do (the hit-and-run tables, including attacks on shuttles, combat in a shuttle bay, and the general boarding party combat table that is used for both ground combat and combat inside a ship). The weapons of the Simulator Empires are also included [note that the plasma table includes an entry G L for the advanced technology plasma-L torpedo, and a GL (no space) for the "Long Range Plasma-G" torpedo used by the Triaxians].

At the request of the players we included various tables from the rulebook in a section at the back of the book. Like the EW effects table, the formula to retain, or gain, lock-on to a cloaked ship, the lab data table, and others.

For those who favor tournament play, Module G3's Annex #2 not only includes all of the possible interactions, but those interactions that occur in tournament play are in BOLD text so that you can skip down to them rapidly rather than searching for them.

While it took a ceratin amount of extra effort, the various Empires' Master Ship Chart pages all have their specific Empire in the header at the top of the page, including their Empire's rule number. Some of the smaller simulator Empires do share pages, and it was not possible to get all of the Empires to end on "even numbered pages", so yes the Klingons start on the back of a page of Feds.

The Omega and Magellanic empires are not included this product.

I hope that you will all find the book useful, and I extend my thanks to the many people who suggested errors in Module G2 to be fixed and requested things to make Module G3 better.