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Thursday, December 20, 2007


Steve Cole reports (second of a series covering each product line): Federation Commander is our newest product line, and we continue to develop it with a properly-paced release of new material. Distant Kingdoms (including the trans-television races of the Hydrans, Lyrans, and WYNs) will appear in March. (We had long planned it for February, but had to push it back a month due to delays at the factory in other miniature releases.) I'm in the process now of selecting which of the hundreds of SFB ships for these races will make it into the product, and the playtesters are furiously finalizing the Hydran Stinger rules. (Those critters are deadly in Federation Commander due to the lack of so many SFB rules you can use to destroy them.) We always knew we were going to end up doing at least two complete products for Distant Kingdoms, although the planned title Kingdoms Attack cannot be used because it has the same initials as Klingon Attack and would drive the wholesalers' computers insane. It's just a matter of deciding which set of ships will go into each product. The second Kingdoms product might be an "attack" package with 16 ships or a "battle package" with eight.