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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Stephen and Leanna on the road

14 Sept: Left Amarillo 4pm, had supper at Boot Hill in Vega. Got to Albuquerque at 10pm (9pm New Mexico time), far late due to construction delays, traffic, and the fact that Leanna came down with a bad cold and could not drive, and SVC had to keep stopping to work out cramps in hands and legs. The plan for the first day was nothing but a long drive to give us time to do things the second day.

15 Sept: Set out from Albuquerque,went to Grants. From there, it's an hour to Gallup on I40, but we took a side road (53/102) to visit a wolf sanctuary and howl with the wild wolves. It was fun seeing the wolves. (We plan to see Tigers on Wednesday in Arizona.) There were cats at the wolf sanctuary who played around the wolf cages, driving the wolves crazy. One cat actually tried to climb under the gate INTO the wolf pen but was pulled to safety by the guide not a second too soon.

Should have been one extra hour of driving plus an hour of wolfhowling, total delay two hours. Instead, it was a five-hour delay. The roads are good (roads that good in Texas are 70mph) but the speed limits varied (for no apparent reason) from 55pm down to 15mph. Yes, FIFTEEN miles per hour. Sheesh. Not only took more driving time, we missed the wolf tour and had to wait 90 minutes for another one, as they only do them at certain times. We used the down time to visit a nearby national monument, where spanish explorers carved their names in the rocks starting in 1605.

The detour reminded us of our first honeymoon, where we took a side trip around Sandia Mountain that was supposed to add an hour to our trip but instead added four hours. On that detour, we also saw a random national monument we hadn't known was there, and we were trapped (in the car) be a herd of wild horses who decided to stand on the road and just mill around for an hour.

Leanna still suffering from cold but did two hours of driving to relieve Stephen who had to drive five hours. We stopped in Flagstaff, too tired to reach our goal of Kingman, putting us more than two hours late into Vegas tomorrow, complicating the schedule for pre-wedding arrangements. But we will get it done.