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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Fly your flag, and take your sword out,
it's a whole new kind of war.
Against a different kind of Evil,
then we ever fought before.

Fly your flag and wave it proudly,
cause we're marching off to war.
Wave it like you know they fear it,
like they feared it once before.

From the center of Ground Zero
to the midst of the raging crowd.
This will never be forgotten,
say it long and sing it proud.

Come, fly your flag.

With the lightning and the thunder,
that we used in Desert Storm.
We will send that bearded monster,
to a place that's much too warm.

For he taught us more about terror,
than we ever dared to know.
But we vowed to bring him justice,
and we'll never let him go.

For it's more than being soldiers,
though it's less than being gods.
Join the list of freedom's heroes,
those who fought the highest odds.

And come, fly your flag.

(musical interlude)

Come, fly your flag.

copyright 2002 S V Cole with apologies to Neil Diamond