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Sunday, August 05, 2007

New Schedule Forthcoming

SVC: I am putting the final touches on the Fall 07 Schedule. We just shipped FC boosters 16-18 and we may have a battleships booster later, depending on whether we need to reprint some other cards. We'll have six new FC miniatures boxes. Distant Kingdoms will probably come in Feb 08.

SFB will get Omega 5 and G3.

F&E will get a product sometime between now and April 08. Whether it's ISC war or Tactical Operations, I'm not sure yet.

RPGs will be big news. We should have d20 Federation, GURPS Federation, and Modern Prime Directive d20.

Captain's Log #36 will be along in November.

There will be several new Starline packs of miniatures.

And there may be something else, something not expected, but don't expect it until you see it.