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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


We started the official search yesterday for a new marketing/customer support intern to replace Vanessa. (It's hard to get college interns when college is not in session, but I should have tried much harder to get one last May since too much of that job is not getting done.)

The job is posted on the West Texas A&M University intern site. I hope we have candidates by the end of the week, and someone hired well before the end of the next week.

The job is an important one. I've done most of the customer service since last May, which has detracted from my work. I've done just barely enough of the marketing part to make sure the wholesalers know we didn't go out of business, but not nearly enough. Whenever the person we hire leaves, would somebody please get on my case to hire someone else ASAP and not wait "until I have time to deal with it." I don't have time NOT to deal with it.

We do have one other new staffer due within a couple of weeks, Valla. She will be working with Kate, Samantha, and Paula in the production department.