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Thursday, April 05, 2007

College Sports and Other Things

I heard the local radio talkshow guy ranting this morning.

Seems that high school athletes sign up emotionally with a coach, but legally with a school. If the coach leaves, the athlete is stuck. To change schools costs him a year of eligibility. This is an issue because the new coach may have a different playing style that does not utilize the types of player that the old coach leaves behind. The radio talkshow guy wanted students who had not yet enrolled released from their contract without penalty if the coach moves between signing day and the first day of class.

I know nothing about this and don't even watch sports (other than America's Cup yacht racing) but it sounds good to me. Let's do it. Yup.

I wonder how many people make a decision or take a position on a subject they know nothing about after hearing one brief thing from one source? I wonder how many issues are just not that clear cut? I wonder if the proposed change would mean that a college that wanted a particular player could not just hire the coach and get the player that way? Would this happen? I dunno. I know nothing about the business of college sports. I just wonder if there is more to the issue. But I don't watch sports so I don't care to learn. Let's just change the rules (the policy, the law, the politician, whatever) and move on.

Yeah, that would work.