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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday at ADB

I slept late and had a big breakfast. After five-six hours of uninterrupted work, I plan to get lunch, take Leanna shopping, and go home.

Just the owners today, although Mike is due in later to bind books. Vanessa gets upset when they run the bookbinding machine (which is in her office until the new office space is ready) while she is here, and threatens people with duct tape. So Mike plans to do it while she's not here.

Mostly, I'm just trying to catch up on things. I spent an hour reorganizing everybody's "to do list" for next week. Sounds like a waste of time but the only bigger waste of time is to not do the plan and end up doing the wrong things in the wrong order.

I sent about 30 new avatars for the forum to Matt; he'll load them next Wednesday.

I did some checking and found that I had already done 18 of the 32 ship card-sides for Distant Kingdoms, which is lightly penciled in for September. I have done two of the 16 for Battleships, which is firmly inked in for July.

I have 2/3 of the CL35 story done (gotta finish that after TA goes to press) and we have the CL36 story (although Petrick has some rules glitches I have to rewrite and check with the original author). The CL35 story is more Klingons (Hey, if you don't want Klingons, get somebody else to write the story) and the CL36 story is Seltorians, Tholians, and ... Klingons.

My big focus (besides keeping Vanessa's whip away from me) is getting the scenarios finalized for Tholian Attack. The playtesters wrote them and tested them and sent me finished drafts so all I have to do is "page layout" them. For FC:TA, the covers, maps, and ships have gone to press, and the counters have been here for months. Once I finish the scenarios (the rules and ship descriptions are done) the rulebook is finished.

Matt (feeling Vanessa's whip, no doubt) did some new pages for this site; you'll find them under the site map button.