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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Changes to the web site

Graphics Director Matt Cooper writes: We are going to be making some serious changes to both web sites.

The Legacy site will become prettier to look at and easier to use. Now that I'm in the office, SVC doesn't have to use the BBS to post things that need to be in the various databases. The legacy site has grown for eight years, includes duplicated and overlapping information, and too many things have not been updated. The most important thing is for ADB to have an internal list of what IS there so we know to update it.

The new FC site will be getting some tweaks and new material. We have already added pages for the Tholians, and a graphics download page, and a web banner download page.

As I make these changes (some of directed by SVC, some by Leanna, and some by Vanessa) you are welcome to comment on them, and even test them to see if they work. But more than that, PLEASE feel free to email me (graphics@starfleetgames.com) if you have any ideas or suggestions. SVC is fond of saying that "not everything can be on the front page" but with a little creativity, I can perhaps make sure that the front page tells you what is here and where to find it.