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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A few notes about what is going on at ADB

Steven Paul Petrick: Steve Cole and Leanna have arrived safely in Germany, and survived the 100-MPH trip (Rick Loomis of Flying Buffalo was driving) down the Autobahn to Essen. They are safe in their hotel, and have gone to bed early in an effort to recover from jet lag.

As part of their absence from the office, the "Printing Plant" has been moved from the side office into the Foyer. This involved the purchase of an additional cable, as of the two intended hookup points were too short.

The former "Printing Plant" space has now become the office for the Marketing Department and the Graphics Department. Both have settled in and their computers are fully operational (how that happened when they were depending on an old former infantry officer to make the move I will never know). When SVC returns he may do a new "Virtual Tour" of the office to post on the main web site for those interested.

The biggest problem right now is that neither of the printers are working in the area we moved them too, but UNACOPY will have someone here in the morning to look at them and that problem should be resolved. Fortunately there is nothing we need to print right now.

Further, "Crawford Door Company" arrived and finally installed the weather stripping around the warehouse's garage doors, so perhaps the warehouse will retain better "habitability" in the future. For myself, I have never quite understood everyone else's complaints about it being too cold in winter and too hot in summer. It is, however, another step in the planned expansion of office space into the warehouse.