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Monday, February 12, 2018

This Week at ADB, Inc., 4-10 February 2018

Steve Cole reports:

This was a week of steady gains on current projects. We released Hailing Frequencies for February and Communique #146.

Steve Cole worked on getting his new computer up to speed, which went faster after Leanna was able to network it to the old hard disk. The new computer has a double redundancy automated backup system. Steve worked on Shapeways, read recent copies of FYEO, hunting down missing parts of JagdPanther #3, did the new ship and scenario for Communique, did his parts of Hailing Frequencies, and received a marketing lesson from Jean when he tried to show her some old JagdPanther games he found in the archive.

Steven Petrick worked on an SFB update, quality control assembly and shipping, and the Kzinti and Gorn Master Starship Books.

Leanna kept orders and accounting up to date.

Mike kept orders going out and rebuilt the inventory.

Simone did website updates and some graphics as well as working on Hailing Frequencies.

Wolf guarded the office, chasing away a howling wind. He enjoyed his fourth adoption day party.

Jean worked on Hailing Frequencies, managed our page on Facebook (3,942 friends), uploaded ships to Shapeways, managed our Twitter feed (249 followers), commanded the Rangers, dealt with the continuing spam assault on the BBS, managed the blog feed, proofread Communique #146, took care of customers, and did some marketing.