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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Progress Report on Master Star Ship Books

This is Steven Petrick posting.

The Lyran Star Empire and Lyran Democratic Republic Master Star Ship Books have joined the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Hydran Master Star Ship Books as released products.

Work continues apace on the Kzinti Master Star Ship Book.

All external reviewers have completed their reports on the Main section and, as of yesterday, the Ships in Captain's Log section, and are currently working on the Fighters, Ground Forces, and Fast Patrol Ships section.

Jean Sexton has the corrected versions of the Kzinti Main and Captain's Log sections so that she can do her review.

A complete file of "requested graphics" has been prepared for SVC to complete the book.

Even while the Kzinti Master Star Ship Book moves forward, work has advanced on the Gorn Master Star Ship Book.

Currently the Gorn Master Star Ship Book has had all of its parts assembled, and the Main, Captain's Log, Early Years, and Advanced Technology sections have all been updated.

The Gorn Fighters, Marines, and Fast Patrol Ships section is something of a mess, surprisingly so since the Gorns are not a major fighter empire. That is actually the problem. Because the Gorns were not a major fighter empire, a lot of the data on their use of fighters was given short shrift in Modules J and J2, and for their Master Star Ship Book needs to be expanded and better explained.

The Gorn General section has been assembled, and has at this juncture been updated for the employment of Gorn fighters (and bombers) where needed, and the landing forces have been defined for those units carrying troops, but an SSD by SSD review has not been conducted as of yet to make sure the weapons and other differences are accounted for. The Gorn Early Years bases are also at issue in this section since the Gorns (like the Romulans) actually followed a somewhat different track than other empires (and theirs is also somewhat different from the Romulans, so it is not a case of simply revising the Romulan data).

The upshot is that the Kzinti Master Star Ship Book is on track to be released later this year, and the Gorn Master Star Ship Book may see release early next year. I am not, at this juncture, sure which empire will be next up for a Master Star Ship Book, but the format for most of the remaining empires will require "tweaking." (The Orions have their different cartels and different "operating zones," the Tholians need to account for both their Milky Way and Home Galaxy ships and etc., the Andromedans need some thinking about including Module C3A data, etc.).