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Friday, May 26, 2017

The Top Ten Ways to Get a Scenario Rejected

10. Make your scenario too big for people to actually play, such as maxing out the command rating for five different empires.

9. Make sure your scenario just isn’t interesting or fun.

8. Make sure your scenario is so unbalanced that there is no way for one side to win.

7. Build a “trick key” into your scenario, some simple thing one side can do (and the enemy cannot stop him from doing) to automatically win, such as disengaging on Turn #1 and scoring the “appearance money” points you get just for showing up.

6. Write a scenario that is just a BPV battle, or is just SG2 with no special rules or situations.

5. Write a scenario where carriers don’t have their escorts because you think that the escort requirement rules are silly.

4. Don’t pick a year for your scenario, just select ships, weapons, and political situations from all over the timeline and roll them into one battle.

3. Write a scenario that is historically impossible.

2. Write a scenario without a hook, or anything else to make it catch our interest.

1. Write a scenario that is “the first time they saw a ____ and boy were they surprised!” (Hint: both players read the scenario and nobody is surprised. Rarely, someone can write rules to account for a surprise, but like we said, it is very rare.)

(c) 2005 Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. Captain's Log #31.