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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Wolf Dog Sexton on His Easter Day

Wolf Dog Sexton muses:

My Human Mom is fixing ham for Easter. She says that my doctor says ham isn't good for me to eat. All I know is that it smells yummy.

She spent a long time "dying eggs." She made some yellow and some blue so I could see them. (Yes, I can see colors.) Others are sort of muddy looking, but she likes them.

Mom says that the Easter bunny left me some toys. TOYS!


Through with the toys. I chased a bunny once but it went very fast and I couldn't get it. I wonder if the Easter Bunny is fast. Do you think the Easter Bunny tastes good?



Mom and I went on our Long Walk today. I sniffed really hard for the Easter Bunny. I didn't smell him at all. I wonder if he cheats like the birds and flies places so I cannot smell him.


I think I killed the Easter Bunny.

Well, at least until I want to kill him again. Tomorrow.

I hope your Easter is as good as mine.

Nap time. Later.