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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

An Update of Sorts

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

A little over a year ago it was noted that I found myself near a pair of very, very young kittens whose mother had apparently abandoned them (more probably something had happened to her).

Those two have now grown into cats, and have been spayed and had all of their shots. This I  have financed since I bear some responsibility for their still being in the world.

I have not seen them since they had developed into bumbling little cats, and then only briefly. I am quite aware that from their point of view I literally have no meaning or purpose. I may be the person who carried them in from the threatening weather, and been the first person to successfully stick a bottle in their little mouths so that their stomaches could be filled, but I am not a constant presence in their lives.

It does sadden me to some extent that I did not get to see them grow up, and have chances to play with them. I am,  however, glad that they are leading happier lives than the one their mother probably never knew.