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Saturday, December 17, 2016

One Year Later: On Surgery and Cancer and Recovery

Jean Sexton muses:

Last year in December, I reported on the results of the operation I had recently had. I had no idea what would happen subsequently: that I would develop a pleural effusion, pneumonia, and sepsis two weeks later. That would lead to two weeks in the hospital, another couple of weeks at home on oxygen 24/7, and a couple of months more of limited work. I couldn't drive for three months until my brain showed it had healed from the seizures I had when my heart stopped.

A year later, things are looking good. I am a one-year cancer survivor and each day I feel blessed. I lost over 30 pounds, most of that due to Wolf reminding me to walk. I am stronger than I've been in years, walking nearly two miles a day on most days. If it is very cold, then I try to walk a mile inside using my Wii Fit. (Yes, I know it is ancient in game years, but it does exactly what I want it to do.)

This all has affected my work at ADB. I used to think nothing of working quite late. Now I have to plan to allow time for walking. In the winter, especially, it affects my arrival time as I need to allow time to walk. (Even if I walk around a virtual island, I do need to get Wolf outside, and that is harder for me when the air is very cold.) I have to eat healthier food and that means fixing it more for myself and not doing fast food, takeout, or delivery. That means I'm not hanging out on the boards as much.

Am I happy with my life? Yes, absolutely. Nearly losing it made my life more of a treasure to me.  I just need to be careful so I can spend many more years promoting the games I love.

And for me, life is good. I hope it is with you as well.