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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Master Starship Book Status

This is Steven Petick posting.

As you are aware, the Federation, Klingon, Romulan, and Hydran Master Starship Books have been published.

The Lyran Master Starship Book is currently in development. It is in the hands of the staff checkers who have been making reports which have been integrated into the book. SVC currently intends to do a day of graphics creation for it early next year, and this may give us an idea of when it will be published.

The Lyran Democratic Master Starship Book is currently in draft form. Graphics for it will largely be copies of Lyran graphics, so once the Lyran Master Starship Book is released, this one should not be too far behind. However, the graphics are not 100% identical and will need SVC time to do the modifications, even if they are minor. This book has been given a first proof by Jean Sexton and has been looked at by one of the staff checkers who had some concerns he wanted to make sure were addressed. This book will go out to the rest of the staff once the Lyran book is closed. It is smaller in page count than any previous book, but as noted is very different in format because there were so few ships in  the Lyran Democratic Republic fleet.

Currently in the pipeline as the next book in the series is the Kzinti Master Starship Book. This one has been assembled, and as line items come in on the Lyran book that also apply to it, they are being integrated at the same time.

At this juncture I think there is a very good chance that 2017 will see the release of all three of the books (Lyran, Lyran Democratic Republic, Kzinti) in the system.