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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A Blog by Petrick

This is Steven Petrick posting.

I missed a post last week, because I tend to do them as just about the last thing I do for the day. This is because they are often difficult for me to do. I hate being repetitive, and coming up with something to say that I have not said before is . . . well. It did not help that we went into an "evacuation mode" near the end of the day (not anything disastrous, but simply a "let's go get supper" in that case).

I can say that work continues apace on various projects, but that is repetitive. Work is always continuing.

I can say that Mike Sparks gives me updates on the two girls (the kittens), and that they are doing fine, and have accepted the humans around them (I have not been in their presence since I so rudely dragged them in and stuffed a bottle in their mouths to assuage their hunger pangs). Mike has promised to bring them to the office for a visit this week.

I can say that Jean has threatened major bodily harm if I forgot to do the blog this week, but that seems to be rather obvious common knowledge.