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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Good and Bad Decisions

This is Steven Petrick posting.

On Monday something in the environment launched an attack on my person. The result was that I stayed home, even though my initial intentions were to get to the office that afternoon.

That was the good decision.

Tuesday (yesterday) I woke up, and was fully aware that I was not operating at an optimal level. I had, however, missed a day and felt a need to go in and try to make up for it.

The drive in should have been more than sufficient to tell me that this was a mistake. I do not think I am the world's greatest driver, or even in the top 100,000 or so. I am however reasonably conscientious and attentive to my surroundings while I drive. Yet I ran the tires of my car up against the curb not once, but twice. I was clearly not keeping the car steady.

I made a mental note to ask SVC, Leanna, and Jean to monitor my driving when we went to lunch, and then utterly forgot to do so, but fortunately nothing untoward happened in the driving.

We got back from lunch, and after a bit I noticed that my wallet was missing, i.e., not in my back pocket.

There was no question that I had it at lunch, because I had paid my check and I could distinctly recall returning the change from my payment to the wallet, but I had no conscious memory of having returned my wallet to my pocket. Returning to the restaurant did not uncover the wallet, it was not in my car, or in my office, and I knew those were the only places I had been since paying my check.

At that point I was pretty much too upset (and admitting that something was still interfering with optimal thought processes) to do anything but go home.