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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What Steven Petrick is Working On

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

Not much to report on ongoing projects.

Most of the graphics for the Klingon Master Star Ship Book are done, but some still need to be done.

Line item reports on errors are still showing up and being dealt with as they appear. Recently a significant gaff was found and fixed. That gaff is in regards to "Anarchist" ships. While SSDs for these ships have appeared, most are simply "what if so and so empire converted a ship it captured from such and such empire" and not formally published. As most Anarchist articles are general guidelines despite a few published SSDs, we do not normally include those ships. The exceptions are generally those "formally published" or for which there is a "real history." Thus, of course, the Hydran book included the original Anarchist ship, the D7H Anarchist. Just as obviously a Tholian book will include the TK5 Exile, an Orion book the OK6 Conquest, and a WYN book would include several different ships of Klingon, Kzinti, and Lyran manufacture (plus some others).

So, what was the gaff that showed up at this late date? Way back in Captain's Log #19 the "Drone Ranger" was published as part of an "Anarchist" article in which Hydran ships were converted to Klingon technology. The Drone Ranger, however, was defined as a "real ship" and was given the name Maelstorm (improperly spelled Malestorm in the article). While there is no published scenario involving the ship, its background led to it playing a role in the fiction story in Captain's Log #36, albeit as a background supporting character. It was,  however, in a role specifically mentioned in its write up (supporting the Seltorian Tribunal against the Tholians).

So at this juncture the ship's description had to be inserted into the Klingon Master Star Ship Book and updated to the standard thereof. This has been done. And an errata item for the Ranger in the Hydran Master Star Ship Book has been generated for a future reprinting that will include this ship as a variant of the Ranger.

The Romulan Master Star Ship Book continues to be updated with elements that appear in the Klingon Master Star Ship Book that are appropriate to it.

I am also working on a scenario file for Captain's Log #51.