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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Yet Another Update on the Klingon Master Star Ship Book, and a Rough Scenario Idea

This is Steven Petrick posting:

The Klingon Master Star Ship Book project is mostly waiting on reports.

SVC has done a number of the graphics, which have been inserted, but more remain to be done.

One thing I am pushing for is a careful review of all of the Klingon escorts and fighters for their carrier groups.

The Klingons have three cruiser escorts (ADW, AD6, and AD5) and eight size class 4 escorts [F6E, FWE, AF5/F5E, E5E, E4A/E4E, E3A/E3E, E3D (kind of honorary), and LFE]. Some of these were "one offs/unique" (AD6, E5E), and some very limited production (ADW), while others have availability restrictions (E4A/E4E, E3A/E3E and E3D all have limited service periods, the LFE has a very restricted service at all, and the FWE's background very much says it was only used by larger carriers). I am trying to make the listing in this book the most comprehensive for all of these, but this raises questions.

Might E3As have been relegated to escorting LDVs in addition to the LFEs? There were a limited number of LF4 hulls, and E3As might have been used to replace LFEs, perhaps before E4As were.

I am also wondering if perhaps the few E3As that were left might have "hung around" with the carrier pods. Might make an interesting (or at least amusing) scenario if an E4T (or a pair of them) were moving a couple of (inactive) carrier pods, and were accompanied by a couple of E3As (intended to provide an initial operating capability for the tug the pods were going to be used by, i.e., the carrier tug's escorts until some "real" escorts turned up). Might make for a small scenario. Assume the E3A's ADD racks are loaded with type-VI drones. Main issue would be the balance, what would such a small group of ships (1-2 E4Ts with pods and 2 E3As) be able to have a chance of fending off that might attack them in the Klingon rear area? A Reconnaissance Cobra? A Light Raider? Maybe add a small armed freighter to the Klingons (carrying fighter supplies for use by the carrier), or perhaps just a Free Trader?