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Friday, June 05, 2015


61. If the enemy lets you get to Range 8, you are going to be anchored.

62. Be sure to guard the bridge. That way, you will have a shoulder to cry on when he raids the sensor track.

63. The only time Fred defeated you is the one he posted on his website.

64. Only the enemy will put Guards in the right place; remember his ESP?

65. The enemy launched 80 drones; you killed his scout. This means that one entire squadron of his fleet are drone-scout cruisers.

66. Mizia learned that trick the hard way.

67. You will never get the enemy to follow your retrograde, but you will never fail to follow his.

68. If you successfully cloak in front of 75 drones, 74 of them are targeted on the one Type-VI.

69. The enemy knows your weakness better than you know your own strength.

70. If your ally has a cloak, he will use it to leave you in the trap -- not help you get out.

-- Garth Getgen, Steve Cole, Steven Petrick, Larry Ramey, Kirk Spencer, Jessica Orsini, Ron Sonnek, Andy Vancil, Ben Moldovan, Mark Kuyper, Howard Berkey, Timothy Steeves-Walton, David Keyser, Oliver Dewey Upshaw, Carl Magnus-Carlsson, Kirk Spencer, Richard K. Glover, Jeff Zellerkraut, Andy Palmer, Sean Newton, Daniel Zimmerman, Jason Goodwin, Michael Sweet, Paul Stovel, John Sierra, John Sickels, Sandy Hemenway

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