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Friday, May 22, 2015


41. The drone you did not lab was the big one.

42. You will never have enough phasers in arc for the target, but your best will always be in arc for incoming fire.

43. Never mind getting to Range 4; your photons will miss anyway.

44. It's too late to anchor him at Range 2; don't you wish you had known that it would have worked?

45. You will always be short one weasel.

46. If you only take one internal while making an ESG overrun, it will be a drone hit.

47. If the Hydran reaches Range 1, the overloads are suicide level.

48. A narrow salvo is your best way to increase the odds of a miss to 100%.

49. You will never break down when a breakdown wouldn't matter.

50. That cargo PF is really a death rider.

-- Garth Getgen, Steve Cole, Steven Petrick, Larry Ramey, Kirk Spencer, Jessica Orsini, Ron Sonnek, Andy Vancil, Ben Moldovan, Mark Kuyper, Howard Berkey, Timothy Steeves-Walton, David Keyser, Oliver Dewey Upshaw, Carl Magnus-Carlsson, Kirk Spencer, Richard K. Glover, Jeff Zellerkraut, Andy Palmer, Sean Newton, Daniel Zimmerman, Jason Goodwin, Michael Sweet, Paul Stovel, John Sierra, John Sickels, Sandy Hemenway