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Friday, April 03, 2015


Spiffy Captain's Uniform 0.25
Spiffy Admiral's Uniform 0.50
Used (but mendable) Red Security Shirt 0.05
Expendable Red Shirt Body Guard 1.00
Slightly Used Agonizer Booth 0.10
New Agonizer Booth 0.25
Tribbles 0.01
Silver Platter (for enemy captain's head) 1.00
Gold Platter (for enemy captain's head) 5.00
Replace Drone Warhead with Tribbles 0.25

-Originated by Mark Kuyper; additional suggestions by: Jeremy B Williams,
Steve Petrick, David Crew, Maik Hennebach, Eric Stork, Andrew Harding, F
Michael Miller, Tom Carroll, found in Captain's Log #20.

(c) copyright by Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc.