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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Klingon MSSB Advances, Hydran MSSB Abides

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Work continues apace on the Klingon Master Starship Book (among other projects). Drafts are out for review, the major hangup being a review of the Klingon fighters to make sure a good update on their deployments gets into the book.

The Klingon book is going to be bigger than the Hydran book, not unexpectedly as the Klingons have more ships. It is also a matter that the Klingons have something no other empire has: Security Stations.

Just as the Hydrans required a look into their use of "casual fighters" (R9.R6) which expanded into some of their "general" units, the Klingons need a look at how security stations apply to some of their "general units."

The Klingons also have the unique "penal ships," but these are all rule specific ships and do not add anything beyond their rules.

Even so, some time has been taken to go through all of the submitted items in regards the Hydran Master Starship Book, and its second printing with its corrections is being loaded onto the computers even now for release. Most of the items were minor, a missed carriage return, an unnoticed bad "text paste," and a few places where the wrong "seeking weapon control rating" slipped past as examples. Seeking weapon control ratings matter to the Hydrans simply because it allows them to make use of "remote controlled fighters" (and minesweeping shuttles, but most famously suicide shuttles), so it needs to be correct on the bases where it matters.

In two cases there were "graphic errors." The ship graphic of one Hydran dreadnought variant was imported from another product and did not "scale" properly, so it was much bigger than it should have been. And we forgot to add the visible extensions on the sides of the underside view of the Hydran fast patrol ship leader graphic to account for the extra space needed for the added systems. These have been fixed.

Overall, we here at ADB are grateful that our customers, that is you who are reading this, did not find many errors (we are embarrassed by the discovery of a single one of course). We can take pleasure in having done a pretty good job, even if it was not perfect. And that gratitude must extend to the individuals who volunteered to review the material before the book was finally published. Without them there would doubtless have been many more mistakes.