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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Captain's Log #50 Moves Along

This is Stephen Petrick posting.

We are, as you are all no doubt aware, continuing our drive on Captain's Log #50.

The SSDs have been selected, and SVC is completing his editing of the first draft of the ship descriptions and Annex #3. I write the initial draft and try to make sure the relevant information and something of interest in the ship backgrounds is done. A lot of times the ships are suggested by players and I making my own observations about what I think of their usefulness.

There are a dozen ships this time around, and technically four more as SVC has done some never before seen ships in the Star Fleet Universe for Federation Commander.

As files are completed, they move to Jean Sexton for her edits, and some of them will come back to me for another review.

We are fairly well versed in what needs to be done to get a Captain's Log done, but as always the unexpected interruption does intrude and creates distraction and delay. So far, we are on track however.