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Monday, November 10, 2014

This Week at ADB, Inc., 2-8 November 2014

Steve Cole reports:

This was the week that A Call to Arms: Star Fleet 1.2 was (almost) finished and the week that the Hydran Master Starship Book was finished. The weather this week was cool and quite pleasant. The spam storm mostly remained at something under 200 per day. Inspector General Isis passed away quietly on 3 November, saddening us all.

New on DriveThru RPG and Wargame Vault this week was Captain's Log #8.

Steve Cole worked on A Call to Arms: Star Fleet (sending the final draft to the staff on Saturday), Hailing Frequencies, and Communique #107.

Steven Petrick worked on finishing Hydran Master Starship Book and articles for Captain's Log #50.

The Starline 2500 project moved forward with prototypes actually reaching the company making the next master mold.

The Starlist Update Project moved forward with two new entries.

SFBOL now has 514 third generation ship diagrams.

Leanna kept orders and accounting up to date.

Mike kept orders going out and rebuilt the inventory.

Simone did website updates and some graphics.

Jean worked on Hailing Frequencies; managed our page on Facebook (which is up to 2,337 friends); managed our Twitter feed (123 followers); commanded the Rangers; dealt with the continuing spam assault on the BBS; managed the blog feed; proofread A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, Communique #107, and Hydran Master Starship Book; took care of customers; and did some marketing.