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Saturday, November 29, 2014


Steve Cole ponders various thoughts that came to mind.
1. The Mediterranean was the sea of destiny for the ancient world. The Atlantic was the sea of destiny for the Old World. The Pacific is the sea of destiny for the New World.
2. If you find my body beside a jogging trail, it's a good bet that I was killed somewhere else and moved there by somebody really strong.
3. If man is alone in the forest and says something where no woman can hear him, is he still wrong?
4. I can tell right from wrong. Wrong is fun and/or profitable in the short term. Right is fun and/or profitable in the long time.
5. Save your money and someday your money will save you.
6. Good things come to people who don't quit. Don't allow people who gave up on their own dreams to talk you out of yours. Then again, learn what's a dream versus what's a fantasy.
7. Nobody lives forever, but you can create something that will live on for a long time after you leave.
8. If you're being chased by a T-rex or other six-ton meat-eating dinosaur, shoot for his ankle. It's the weak spot on the frame and will slow him down; several hits there might even cause him to fall down.
9. Years ago, I faced a two-hour drive home at the end of a very long day. When I got home, I realized that for the last hour of the trip I had literally fallen asleep every minute or two but when my head fell forward the pain in my neck caused me to wake up. This is a phenomenon called micro-sleep, and it's a well-known problem for long-distance truck drivers and for engine drivers on trains. The problem with it is you are so tired you don't realize you are too tired to drive. I hope that if anyone reading this finds it happening to themselves it will pop up in their memory bank and they realize that they need to pull off the highway and take a nap, or do something else to wake up.
10. Mars is the only planet we know to be inhabited only by robots.