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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Steve Cole's thoughts on what he learned in Little Boy School when he was very young.
1. Open doors for girls/women. They like the attention. Offering them your hand when they have to go up or down stairs is also much appreciated. They never carry anything but their purse if your hands are empty. However, today, don't chase after a woman to open her car door for her. They think that's creepy.
2. If a woman around you changes her hairstyle or hair color, you're expected to notice and to comment favorably.
3. The guy pays for the date. Period. Maybe after dating for a while the gal cooks you dinner (which means she's paying for the groceries) but you can at least bring desert or the wine.
4. Whatever smooching you get is whatever the girl decides to give you. Accept it and be grateful. Don't push for more and don't act disappointed or you'll get less.
5. Never pull up to the curb and honk. You walk up to the door and meet her father. While he's watching, you open the car door for his daughter. Get her home on time.
6. Never marry a girl without meeting her mother. That's what you're going to be living with, so check it out.
7. You're going to spend the rest of her life with her brain, not just her body. If the brain is great, and the body is ok, then you're fine. But if the brain is not great, look elsewhere.
8. When you ask "the right girl" to marry you, you do not have a ring in your pocket. After she says yes, you go (alone) to the jewelry store, pick out several rings you can afford, then go back to the store later (with your fiancée) and let her decide which one of them she wants to wear for the rest of her life. (The concept of upgrading the ring later did not appear until well after my time as a single man.)
9. After acquiring a fiancée, you go to see her father (whom you have met before) and formally ask permission to marry her. You can do this before or after buying the ring.
10. Once you're engaged and have permission from her father and she has her ring, you show up at a meeting of her parents (and her) and they tell you what the wedding will be like and what your parents will be allowed to take care of. Your job is to agree to everything.