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Friday, December 27, 2013

"Oops" Was Not the Word Used

Steven Petrick told this tale:

Damaged Orion pirate CR bores in and blows a Klingon D6 (already badly damaged) to pieces.

Orion player (smugly): "Good game."

Klingon player: "The game is not over yet."

Orion player: "All you have left is an empty scatter-pack and a manned shuttle; you have no chance since the drones from the scatter-pack have to go inert without guidance. Do we really need to play this out? I mean I can just blow up your shuttle next turn."

Klingon player: "Who says the drones are going inert?"

Orion player: "Even if the drones are self-guiding, they are more than eight hexes from my ship, so they do not have lock-on."

Klingon player: "No, they are not self-guiding."

Orion player (with puzzled look): "Well, if they are not self-guiding then they have to . . . That manned shuttle is an MRS, isn't it?"

Klingon player: "Yes."

Orion player: (unprintable)