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Saturday, December 14, 2013

2013 Holiday Sale


For the first time in ADB's history, we are having a holiday sale. We've decided to put Star Fleet Battle Force on sale for only $12 (nearly half price).


SFBF is the exciting card game of the SFB universe. 132 cards, dice, damage markers, rules. Relatively simple game with intense and intricate tactics. Cards have incredible full color. A melding of Star Fleet technology and a classic naval card game system. Ships are marked with various weapons; if you have a matching weapon card you can fire it at the enemy. Various defenses and attack bonuses apply. Advanced game mechanics allow some weapons to use several different cards (Plasma R can fire plasma S) and many weapons can be used defensively against some kinds of attacks. Special cards include legendary officers, Klingon mutiny, Organian ceasefire.

Shipping will be $5.80 for priority mail -- if you order other items, this may affect shipping costs.

Hurry! This offer ends December 20, 2013.