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Friday, November 15, 2013

Thoughts on the Fralli

Jean Sexton writes:

I don't know why the Fralli are always getting picked on. They may not be the handsomest beings by Human standards, but they have some very good strengths, not the least of which is being able to power their own equipment. Still, here is some recent commentary on the Fralli from the BBS.


Fralli on starship crews are always the first pick for away teams.

First, nobody cares if you lose them or "accidentally" leave them behind.

Second, few planetary predators will eat a Fralli. 


Didn't the first war with the Klingons happen because the first Federation Away team the Klingons met was an all Fralli team? 



"I have the Fralli commander on line now, Sir."

"Very well. On screen."

"On screen"

"Fralli commander.... whoa... off screen! Off screen!" ***gak***

"Sir, they're hailing us again."

***gag*** "Don't touch that panel, Lieutenant. Raise shields, arm phasers!... OK, Lieutenant, AUDIO ONLY."

"Yes, sir. Channel open."

"Fralli commander. Look, we're just gonna leave. DON'T follow us!"  


Thanks to Steve Cole, Patrick Dillman, Loren Knight, and Steven Petrick for those Fralli moments ...