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Sunday, August 04, 2013

On Rangers and Battle Groups and Con Support

Jean Sexton writes:

One of the reasons I moved to Amarillo was so that I could take several projects away from "Steve Cole time" and add them to "Jean time." Steve has long known that he needs to spend more of his time designing games and running the company. Marketing our products got a lick and a promise of more attention later. That promise is coming due.

One of the best ways to find new opponents is to run demonstrations and teach people how much fun the games are. We've had the Ranger demonstration teams for a very long time, but there was no organization. My previous job was all about organizing information so that it can be retrieved and used. I'm trying to bring that organization to the Rangers.

Do you want to be a Ranger? Contact me and let me know that you want to join the Rangers. You'll be a Ranger Recruit until you hold your first demo. Then you earn your Ranger pin on your plaque on the Wall of Honor.

Another way that you can find new opponents is to run a battle group. This is a group of people who meet and play SFU games. We're working now to set up a page to publicize these. You can promote the game days you have, and cons that you attended as a group, and and demos you sponsor. Rangers that belong to a battle group will also be featured on that page. Active members can have their individual battle group insignia added to their plaque on the Wall of Honor.

What else do active battle groups get besides fame? The glory of being able to get special playtest materials. As long as they report on it (and do a reasonable job of it), then they will get more materials to playtest. Contact me with information on your battle groups.

We've always supported cons, even if our SFU games are not played there. What is going to be different is that if we support a con near a Ranger or battle group, we'll try to contact Rangers to let them know about the con and we'll do the same for battle groups. We want to get our name and our games out there to the world. And we want to help you find more folks to play with.

Ideas? Feel free to contact me at ADB: http://www.starfleetgames.com/about.shtml (I am doing the marketing now). I'm always willing to listen.