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Thursday, July 11, 2013

More on The Dome

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

Okay, we have seen several attempts within the dome to find a way under it. Manual digging, and an effort to use existing tunnels.

We still have not seen an effort to get under the dome from the outside. And, seriously, with the assets available to the United States I cannot fathom why mining equipment has not shown up outside the dome in several sites trying to tunnel under it. Each digging to a different depth. None of them will work, of course, but the effort should be made because those outside the dome do not know (they have not been given the script before hand) if it will work or not.

The "oddest" thing about the interaction between those inside and those outside of the dome is the statement that there is no "communication." This just does not make any real sense unless the dome has become a "one way mirror" (okay, maybe the outside does not reflect back, we do not really know anything about the outside except the occasional intercepted radio traffic) since the opening episode. We KNOW that the Deputy could see her fiance, and her fiance could see her when she and the sheriff flagged down the fire truck. That was, however, on the first day and in the first hours. Maybe the dome has become opaque to those outside the dome now? This would at least explain why the guys doing the fire hose experiment did not react to the two kids inside the dome (and why the soldiers did not react to the purported strip tease).

Otherwise, as noted, you can easily communicate with written messages, Morse code light signals, semaphore, even sign language. And if the dome is not opaque, then this communication would have to be going on.

Part of the problem inside the dome would be the sense of isolation if they are indeed cut off. If the dome is clear, the simple passing of messages, information on conditions inside the dome to help scientists look for answers, would be a big boost to morale within the dome. The fact that they could take some active role in their own rescue even if it is nothing more than reporting on their own status would help. And stations could be set up to just provide news (who won the series and by how many runs, etc.) would help alleviate the feelings of isolation.

We know the council member is the big villain inside the dome, yet a lot of what he has done is the right thing to do. (Obviously in future episodes he will trend further down the dark path, but he was already on such a path to begin with.)

I will have to admit that I did break down and "Google" the dome, so I know as much about Mr. King's opus as WIkipedia allowed. I will admit that I am glad I have not read the book, and I will admit that I probably have never read anything by Mr. King. (Not enough of a horror fan to invest time in reading horror novels.) I have seen some of the movies made from his books, and generally have not been impressed (maybe the books are better than the movies, I do not know). I will probably watch the rest of this show only because they have said that the "ending was changed" to some extent, so there is still a possible surprise. By and large,  however, I am so far unimpressed with the presentation of how people are reacting to the event, both inside and outside of the dome. I would have been pushing conserving (and inventorying) resources from day one, communicating with the outside from day one, and exploring the dome from day one. To me, the people inside the dome are exceptionally stupid, and the people outside of the dome are not operating in a manner consistent with the situation.