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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Missing The Personal Connection at Origins

This is Steven Petrick posting.

Origins is over. Once more the trip to and from has been completed and no harm has befallen the ADB, Inc., officers.

The major problem was that we spend the year looking forward to the event because it is one of the rare times we get to actually see the people we work for: You, our customers.

While overall we can, as a business, regard the last week as a success, from the more personal standpoint of having a chance to speak with people we have come to know over the years, it was pretty much less than satisfactory.

Yes, I got to connect with the judges (although both Paul Franz, who could not make it this year due to family obligations, and Mike Novean were missed). There were few others in attendance.

I hope that next year I will be able to see more of you, as that connection, exchange of face to face conversations, is part of what keeps us going, of what makes the trip worthwhile.

Sure, with Jean handling some of the driving this year, even with SVC's and my bad legs, the trip was much easier on us. (Although much thanks to everyone who helped with SVC's wheelchair and a special commendation to Mike Filsinger who most often acted as the engine for the chair, and Dan Knipfer for making sure it was there.) Making the trip easier is  not the same as having contact with our players.

I hope to see you guys next year, you were all missed on a purely personal level, and I hope the lack of attendance did not signify significant problems (as with Paul Franz and Nick Blank, among others) in your lives.