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Monday, January 14, 2013

This Week at ADB, Inc., 6-12 January 2013

Steve Cole reports:

This was supposed to be a busy week getting stuff ready to ship on Monday, but the artist doing the Captain's Log #46 cover failed to send it, delaying everything. So, that left us trying to find useful things to do. The weather this week was colder. The spam storm mostly remained at something under 200 per day.

Steve Cole worked on ACTASF projects and new Starline 2500 miniature designs; made final fixes to Captain's Log #46; read a story that might work for Captain's Log #47 (assuming we change, well, everything in it); asked for quotes on cover printing; updated the rules to Line of Battle; did Federation ship card ePack #2 and sent it to Jean; and got Communique and Hailing Frequencies out.
Steven Petrick worked on SFB Module C6.
Leanna kept orders and accounting up to date.
Mike kept orders going out, rebuilt the inventory, and managed customer service.
Joel did website updates including an online index for Communique, created demotivational cards, chased pirates, and helped Mike. He sent Hailing Frequencies and Communique and made some corrections to the Wall of Honor.
Jean managed our page on Facebook (which is up to 1,439 friends), proofread Hailing Frequencies, and did some marketing.