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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Last Resort Fails Again

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

Can "Last Resort" get any worse?

We had two people executed on the family boat in the last episode, but apparently neither of them were actually family members of the crew. While they clearly had crew members reacting to the threat to their families, none of the exploded emotionally to the deaths of the two women.

And the SOSUS system was  not able to pick up the Pakistani submarine? And the Pakistani submarine was able to evade the U.S. Navy blockade and the previous escort of U.S. Navy ships to hide under the merchant vessel? (Of course, admittedly, the existence of a SOSUS net around the island has never made any sense and is just a plot point that it happens to have its own separate SOSUS net.)

I know diesel-electric boats are difficult to track, but who put out enough information to the world that a Pakistani sub was even able to make the intercept?

And where did the Pakistani sub go? Why was it not standing by to take off the Pakistani team? And why would the Pakistanis not assume that the Americans might also attempt to board the boat and guard against it better? I mean, they had just boarded the boat themselves, so they knew it was possible and should have had a good idea of the means and methods that might be used. Putting the ship in high gear and a continuous circle would have made boarding from the water impossible, and it is not like the Pakistanis would have to pay for the gas. And their submarine could have served as a final back up, i.e., try for a rescue and we will torpedo the ship and sink it.

And throwing the bodies overboard . . . Would it not make more of a statement to line each new body up in a row on the deck of the ship? What was the point of tossing them over the side?

This of course ignores the major plot point that the U.S. Government was planting evidence of rogue Pakistani tactical nuclear devices in order to have an excuse to nuke Pakistan. (An invalid one any way, the U.S. is not able to use nuclear weapons against rogue states without provocation . . . don't believe it, consider the fact that North Korea has not been nuked and the unlikely case that we will preemptively nuke Iran.)