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Monday, April 30, 2012

This Week at ADB, Inc., 22-28 April 2012

Steve Cole reports:

This was a "deadline week" as we pushed to get Star Fleet Marines: Assault ready for press. The weather this week was moderate, reaching 90F a couple of days with a small amount of rain. The spam storm mostly remained at something over 200 per day. We continued to be astounded by the Kickstarter Ogre project launched by our good friend Steve Jackson and are studying the lessons for our own Kickstarter launch of Secret Project T.

Stephen and Leanna Cole continued to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their whirlwind courtship. This was the third week, during which Stephen was briefly out of town on business and called Leanna (and in those days long distance phone calls were a big deal one talked about for days).

We did not send anything to e23 this week as Leanna was busy with quarterly accounting. However, Captain's Log #22 which had been sent late last week was released.

Steve Cole continued to recover from his fall, moving at about half his normal speed. He managed to finish the Marines rulebook late on Saturday. Steve also had his annual physical and the doctor said the lab work was great but that Steve needed to lost weight. He did only a couple of other things this week (a page of E, updating the records on 2500s).

Steven Petrick worked on Captain's Log #45 (mostly the tactics stuff) and the revision to R2 (doing over 35 revised SSDs).

 Leanna kept orders and accounting up to date but was mostly buried by quarterly accounting, government reports, royalty statements, balancing joint venture sales, etc.
Mike kept orders going out, set up some new shelf units, rebuilt the inventory, and managed customer service.

Joel did website updates and the Captain's Log #45 cover, chased pirates, and helped Mike.

Jean managed our page on Facebook (which is up to 1,177 friends), proofread Marines, and did some marketing.

Security director Ramses apprehended an intruding Silvilagus and dealt with the matter appropriately.