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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Better is the Enemy of Good Enough

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

Finding something to say is always hard for me. I only have so many stories to tell, and I am sure I have told them all and do not want to repeat them endlessly. I also find the daily operations of the office generally lacking in items of interest.

I spent the day doing SSD updates, and completing my current project so that I can hand that to Leanna tomorrow. I hate the program I had to do the project in, even though SVC uses this program all the time. Text keeps changing from 9 on 10 point to 9 on 10.8 for no reason (even after the files have been saved). Every time I change it back, the text no longer fits (because space has been sucked up) and I have to adjust the layouts. At one point a column of text jumped from one page to another unconnected page for no reason I am aware of (probably I hit some key pattern, but I only just noticed the jump because a "gap" I had left on a page for a graphic jumped to a different column, leaving the graphic overlaying text in the new column. I spent about an hour trying to figure out what happened because, as part of the jump, the title at the start of the column that jumped was deleted. Only a page by page comparison of a previous printout revealed what had happened.

I have the project completed now, and ready to give Leanna tomorrow, but I hate this program and do not want to work with it. I know how to work in the program I regularly use, and while it has glitches, I have enough experience to spot the problems and work around them. And I know how to use a lot of the simpler sub programs in it.

It is one of those cases where it is hard to tell what would take more time, extended training in new programs, or just keep working with older proven programs.

One of the things I do need to learn is how to make Federation Commander ship cards. SVC loves the program he does those in, but to me it seems more something geared to an engineer's tastes, and I am far more comfortable with the older system. One of the problems is that SVC has forgotten a lot about how the old program works and is sometimes confused by what I do with it because it is familiar to me.

These competing programs help emphasize the old Russian proverb: "Better is the enemy of good enough."