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Friday, March 16, 2012


71. If your attack run is going well, so is the enemy's.

72. Everything you thought the enemy used batteries for was actually allocated in advance. That ESP again.

73. If there is any rule that will result in a friendly seeking weapon targeting a friendly unit, it will happen.

74. When you fool the enemy seeking weapons into hitting the planet, you will remember that the victory conditions were damage to the planet.

75. As soon as you get your fleet in position to attack the enemy capital, a frigate will cut your supply line.

76. If you discover the perfect battle plan, you will be short one point of power.

77. You will never guess lucky about when to put extra power.

78. If you discover a term paper that means your plan is doomed, your opponent wrote it.

79. If your judge forgot to register your ace card, your first opponent will be a fleet captain.

80. The new ship you submitted has been in the file with somebody else's name on it for six years.

-- Garth Getgen, Steve Cole, Steven Petrick, Larry Ramey, Kirk Spencer, Jessica Orsini, Ron Sonnek, Andy Vancil, Ben Moldovan, Mark Kuyper, Howard Berkey, Timothy Steeves-Walton, David Keyser, Oliver Dewey Upshaw, Carl Magnus-Carlsson, Kirk Spencer, Richard K. Glover, Jeff Zellerkraut, Andy Palmer, Sean Newton, Daniel Zimmerman, Jason Goodwin, Michael Sweet, Paul Stovel, John Sierra, John Sickels, Sandy Hemenway

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