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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Module R107: The Nicozian Concordance

This is Steven Petrick posting.

We are uploading a new product to e23. This is Module R107 the Nicozians. The Nicozians were first proposed back in 1999. In a sense they are more or less a "monster" in that they are a space traveling species that build ships, but are not a true empire in that their stated purpose is to find a new "homeworld."

Their homeworld is a neutron star about to go nova. No, their homeworld does not orbit a neutral star that is about to go nova, they live on a neutron star.

Due to the intense gravity, an individual Nicozian is about the size of a grain of rice. Thus there are never any boarding actions. Further, due to their need for intense gravity, the gravity systems on their ships make it impossible for them to dock with non-Nicozian ships (or land aboard a non-Nicozian ship despite the fact that the largest Nicozian ship is the size of a drone. Yes, a drone.

The Nicozians have a unique movement system called "skipwarp," and employ their own variations on weapons. Pulse phasers are their phaser of choice, the subspace auger is their heavy weapon, and the skipwarp missile is their seeking weapon (and they have some different warheads not seen anywhere else).

Because of their need for intense gravity, they cannot operate shuttles (even they cannot build a gravity generator small enough to for a shuttle), and thus also have no fighters. However, they do have a variation of their gravity generators that they use as a mine. When triggered it pulls all other units with in three hexes towards itself as a kind of mini-black hole before finally burning out.

The Nicozians are, like the Peladine and Borak, currently a playtest module, but they should provide an interesting opponent, whether encountered in the Alpha Octant, Omega Octant, or in the Magellanic Cloud.