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Friday, July 08, 2011

Klingons: 101 Ways to Just Say "No!" to Attacking the Alliance, Part 1

1. I have to align my Ffanistan splines.

2. The crew needs a bath.

3. It's Clint Eastwood night in Rec. Room 3.

4. The Organians said they might drop in.

5. I want to spend more time with my warp engines.

6. I've been scheduled for a refit.

7. I'm staying at Starbase 3 to protect it from a sneak attack by the WYNs.

8. We're still repairing the bowling alley from the last critical hit.

9. I'm building an ISC ship from a kit.

10. I can't find the line for life support on my Energy Allocation Form.

(to be continued)

c. 1992, Captain's Log #10, Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc.