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Friday, June 24, 2011

101 Ways to Kill the B10, Part 9

81. Play Barry Manilow on the intercom and watch the crew fall asleep.

82. Play hard rock on the intercom and it will shake apart.

83. Win three tournaments with it and let the judges know.

84. Take the "do not touch" sign off of the self-destruct switch.

85. Tell the captain you can disarm the wild SWAC before he pulls it into the bay.

86. Use it as the flagship of the attack on Tholia.

87. Use it as the flagship of the attack on the WYNs.

88. Assign Dr. Kevorkian as the chief medical officer.

89. Park it between two Tholians near a web caster.

90. Convert the security stations into bowling alleys.

c. 1994, Amarillo Design Bureau, from Captain's Log #16