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Monday, May 09, 2011

This Week at ADB, Inc., 1-7 May 2011

Steve Cole reports:

This was the second week of Leanna's reign of terror, as she cracked the whip on the two Steves.

The weather was cooler, but still quite pleasant. We could use some rain. The spam storm remained quiet, usually below 100 per day. The death of Osama bin Ladin started the week off to a good start. New on e23 were Captains Log #7, the F&E Chart Book, and our own link on the What's Hot page. (We're the #2 company on e23.) We uploaded GURPS Romulans and the WYN Ship Card Pack #1 but they didn't get released as the lady at SJG who runs e23 was sick most of the week The first SFB iPhone App (the DAC) was sent to the Apple store for review.

Steve Cole spent much of the week on the "U contract", one of his endless stream of deals that will change the company if only one of them will work. The contract was finished and sent to the lawyer on Friday. Steve set up the file for ISC Ship Card Pack #1 but did no further work on it due to other priorities. The WYN Ship Card Pack did get finished and uploaded, but did not get released. Steve did a lot of work on ISC War, including the countersheet, which was posted Friday. He did get out a Star Fleet Alert on the new products and finished Communique #65 (with the Hydran Lord Admiral and Andromedan Galleon) and sent it to the staff so it can be released on the 10th. He also sent Joel everything for the C3A cover.

Steven Petrick finished C3A, and it's one of our most creative products in years.

Leanna has kept orders going out (and the whip cracking).

Jean has proofread some Captain's Log #43 stuff and has started on C3A.

Mike has gotten the inventory back up (but the new restocks from Alliance wiped out everything he did).

Joel smacked some pirates, did the C3A cover, and did a bunch of website updates.