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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Steve Cole muses: Just thinking to himself about changes he'd like to have to Tivo.

1. The two things I want most, Tivo cannot do. The first is that there should be no schedule changes after the programs appear two weeks ahead, and that includes no showing a different program than the one listed.

2. The second thing I want that Tivo cannot do is for there to be no more shows that start or end one or two minutes before or after the hour. (The third thing is for SyFy to hire some decent movie script writers, but I gave up on that long ago.)

3. Biggest thing I want from Tivo is this. When you show me an ad for a movie that's going to be in theaters, I want to click a button and have Tivo remember that movie when it shows up on Tivo a year or two later. I don't want Tivo to add it to my schedule without asking me, but an alert would be nice (especially an alert that played the original trailer).

4. I want a way to tell Tivo "any time you aren't recording something, default to a channel I pick (e.g., cable news) so I will have the last 30 minutes recorded and can catch up on the news with enough backlog that I can fast forward through reports I don't want to see (and through commercials).

5. I don't want any more reruns that show up as new shows or new shows that are listed as reruns.

6. I want a real description for every show. I do not want any more episodes of American Greed where the description is just "Lives Change" with no clue what episode it is.

7. I want a way to set up folders, name them, and move shows into those folders. I want to be able to keep some of my favorite archaeology shows (for years) in a folder I labeled "archaeology" without having them scattered all up and down the "now playing" list where Leanna is prone to delete them.

8. I want an alert when two of my season passes, or a season pass and a show I clicked to record, conflict (which usually happens when the schedule changes). I want that alert the second Tivo finds out about it, not buried in the recording history file after it's too late to get both shows.

9. I want to be able to download a show from the "on demand" page while I am recording one of my regular shows.

10. I want a Tivo-style "go back eight seconds" button on my XM radio so if I miss something important I can go back and hear it and then catch back up to the current point in time during the next commercial.

If anyone wants to know, Random Thoughts #34 was judge as being "too political" by my webmistress and she just "forgot" to use it.