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Monday, March 21, 2011

This Week at ADB, Inc., 13-19 March 2011

Steve Cole reports:

This was a week of major work but slow progress on the campaign book Federation Admiral. The book proved to be much farther from publication than was thought. We got to page 31, then ran into a major problem (an entire section had to be done over as it did not match the existing SFU knowledge-base). It's unclear at this time if Fed Admiral can be produced before Origins.

The weather this week was mild, with warm afternoons and cool nights that rarely hit freezing. The Spam Storm remained at bay, with at most 80 per day getting through all of the servers and filters.

We sent two new products (Captain's Log #3 and Hydran Ship Card Pack #1) to e23 but they're in the middle of changing managers and neither of them got posted.

Steve Cole spent most of the week on Federation Admiral, but made progress on Star Fleet Marines, Transports Attacked, F&E ISC WAR, Starship Aldo, Communique #64, Captain's Log #43, and Briefing #3. He also prepared files for future e23 uploads and continued negotiations on a major deal. He also wrote two blogs for Jean (one of which she rejected).

Steven Petrick worked all week on C3A and Captain's Log #43. He and Steve Cole took several walks for their health.

Leanna kept orders and accounting up to date.

Mike kept orders going out and rebuilt the inventory.

Joel did several website updates, busted some Torrent Pirates, and helped Mike.

Jean stayed busy all week helping with the Fed Admiral project, and finally convinced SVC to stop putting political stuff into the blog. She reported that our page on Facebook passed 700 friends and that one company that is literally ten times our size has less than 900 friends.