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Friday, January 21, 2011

We Could Be Klingons

When I was working on Klingons PD20M, I felt so sorry for the Bargantines that I wrote a song for them. I hope you enjoy it. -- Jean

We Could Be Klingons (The Bargantine Song)
(to the tune of “You Are My Sunshine”)

Chorus: We could be Klingons, we could be warriors
If you would let us on your ships
We could be fearless; we could be bra-ve
Ple-ase, let us on your ships.

The other day, dears, when I was farming,
I was a Klingon, true and brave
But then somebody threw a tribble—
There are some things one can’t brave.

I’ll always be brave when I am able,
I’ll drill and drill from day to night,
I’ll practice firing my disrupter--
Don’t let foes within my sight!

Why won’t you let us be like real Klingons?
We could be warriors strong and true
We could whip Hydrans and nasty bad guys
With our ships all shiny new.

Parody copyright (c) 2010 Jean Sexton and ADB, Inc.