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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

A Look into the Future

This is Steven Petrick Posting.

I have been directed to delve into the future about what will be in Captain's Log #43.

We have a "victory at" article which we can use, and the basics for the "Battle Groups" article have been worked out (it will probably open for submissions sometime this month, that is December, but not until after we finish the Supplement for Captain's Log #42).

The Monster update will obviously be the Metamorph (the next one in line), although I am somewhat disappointed that no one has created any scenarios using the previous articles.

We do have a lot of problems to overcome. We need a good fiction story, and we need it soon. But we also need Term Papers, Command Notes, and Tactical Notes, as well as a good primer.

SVC has an idea for the next update to the Battle Force Card game, and thinks he may have an idea for something that can be done as an example article (that does not mean that others cannot request example articles, but there really does need to be an effort to make the requested example something that is explicit rather than open ended).

I have two SSDs in mind to start the SSD section for the issue, but we are open to other suggestions.

Scenarios may be a problem. And we need more than "do a scenario where a Federation Police Ship stumbles on an Orion Light Raider Looting a Freighter in an Asteroid field, there's the idea, you write it". We would like scenarios where the writer has at least done his own research and pushed the counters around enough that he can write his own scenario tactics (or have discovered his own scenario was unworkable and moved on to something else).