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Friday, November 12, 2010

CSI: The Locations You Probably Won't See

Steve Cole suggests:

CSI: Gettysburg
"Well, Mister Pinkerton, what do you think?"

CSI: Guantanamo
"Well, just what DID who flush down the toilet?"

CSI: Vulcan
"The logical conclusion of the evidence is obvious."

CSI: Amarillo
"My my, Jean's garden in the ADB back lot is certainly well fertilized.

CSI: Roman Empire
"Emperor, would you like to just pick the guilty party and save us the trouble?"

CSI: Klinshai
"Thanks to the planetary security and recording system, all cases are closed before lunch."

CSI: Galactia
"Give me a nuclear warhead and I can identify the Cylons for you."

CSI: Middle Earth
"Oh heck, we all know Sauron is behind it. Lunch, anyone?"

CSI: Berlin
"Mein Fuhrer, is there anyone else you would like us to find guilty?