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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Steve Cole reports:

Donald, I love ya, man, but you totally botched Celebrity Apprentice. Annie Duke clearly beat Joan Rivers in every way you could have counted it. Over the entire show, she raised more money, won more challenges, and had more wins as a team leader.

Your staff told you that Joan won three of the five tests in the last challenge. Setting aside for the moment that two of these were highly dubious judgements, let's consider that Annie should have gotten a bonus point for raising three times as much money, and Joan should have gotten a penalty point for driving the decorator to the point of quitting the show without warning at 5pm on a Friday.

Joan should also have gotten a penalty point for her actions in the Boardroom: insulting Annie, calling her "worse than Hitler", calling her a liar (when she was telling the truth as proven on the video), and a whole range of unprofessional actions that would have gotten her sued or fired in any company in America.

You gave the win to Joan Rivers for all the wrong reasons. Joan was show biz and had powerful friends; Annie the poker player had no friends you have to deal with. Joan's charity was entirely inside New York (which should have been a negative, not a positive). Joan's charity served a group with powerful political friends who could have made your life miserable.

You should have done the right thing for the right reasons, not the wrong thing for the wrong reasons.